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Ivy + Bean - The Musical, Photos are up!

Just got a CD in the mail with production photos from Orlando Repertory Theatre's Production of Ivy & Bean - The Musical, now closed. After locating a CD-Rom Drive (it's about as common in my day-to-day as a dial-up modem and America Online), I have selected a few, one of which accompanies this post. The rest can be found on my Theatre Portfolio Page. The show, in it's second production ever, is based on the amazingly popular book series by the same name and written by author, Annie Barrows. Our goal in this production, to quote the REP's artistic director, Jeff Revels, was to "showcase the innocent fun and whimsy of a child's imaginative playing." Something that is all too important in a world where children are increasingly being imbued with lofty college and life goals at younger and younger age. This show serves as little reminder that fun is also important and sometimes you a best friend is the best rememdy for a tough situation. I am honored once again to be a part of this production, and invite you to check out the photos, or the Rep's other productions.

Ivy + Bean - The Musical

Directed By: Jani Walsh-Weber

Lighting Design: Eric Furbish

Costume Design: Wendy Maxwell

Scenic Design: Tommy Mangieri

Programmer/Production Elec:Brandon Gauthier

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