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New Domain Name - Same Great Taste -- WARNING- This one will feel like a little bit of a rant-- I am happy to announce a new domain name will direct you to my website. (singular) is a new addition to the website registry! This has been a long awaited, patiently fought battle amongst myself, some of the previous owners of the domain, and some (one) of the companies involved in domain registry.

Back when I registered (plural) I got it no questions asked, no problems, nothing- It was available, not in high demand, and it quickly became mine. What I did not realize is that by owning this version was going to necessitate owning the singular form of the same domain-- who knew? Shortly after launching my first website, I was quickly alerted by friends and family they were having a hard time finding my site and it was redirecting to another site. They had of course, typed in the singular form-- Not my domain.

The owner at the time was only using it as a redirect themselves which was, in my opinion, only a tertiary redirect and only vaguely attached to their business (I mean, come-on, Furbish is my name afterall), I sent a polite letter, to the registered owner at their email, asking if they would be interested in transferring ownership to me, offering to cover the costs etc... No response, nothing... I abandoned the thought for a while.

Months later, I go and check on my desired domain, and much to my surprise, it was available! Except a certain domain registry wanted 'premium pricing' for the domain. That domain registry, lets call them 'DoGaddy,' was reasoning somehow that my domain was a common phrase, in high demand, and would fetch a high price. Now I find this ridiculous, I owned the plural, rendering it only valuable to me and really no one else. I sent multiple emails to DoGaddy and the standard company line was something to the effect of 'it's out of our control, we're only a proxy, etc etc etc..." Once again, I gave up on it for a while... randomly checking in on the domain to see if it's free.

In almost every instance, DoGaddy, as well as solicitations by a company called 'domainsbyproxy' and a number of other companies trying to sell me the domain at a jacked up rate, or brokering services, auction services, for the privlege of the chance to own a domain that is again, really only valuable to me. Every time I relented, eventually they would relent- right?? Years came and went, owners came and went, offers came and went, but I refused to pay their domain extortion.

Today, I check on the domain and it's available! I promptly register it- and it only took almost five years!!! In a misappropriation of the words of Edward Abbey-- I've "outlived the bastards"

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