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Lighting Direction to suit your needs!

From small teleconferencing setups to large multi-camera, multi-positon, studios we all need to look our best. With experience in a variety of techniques and equipment of various eras, I specialize in creating lighting plans to achieve your aesthetic goals and budgetary needs. Whether it is utilizing the latest in LED and Flourescent fixtures or dusting off the best of the oldest of lighting inventories, I'm here to make your talent look their best. 


Broadcast Lighting in a High-Def World...

  • The equipment you need, tailored for your studio​, talent, and broadcast

  • Retrofit and repurpose existing lighting for a fresh new look!

  • Lighting that is flattering, not flattening- HD and 16:9 ready

  • Capital Expense Requests

  • Long term expenditure planning

  • Using traditional tungsten along side the latest in LED, HMI, and Fluorescent Lighting

  • Fixture/Equipment Specification

  • Studio Layout and Facility Consultation

  • Installation Supervision and Consultation

  • Lighting Grid Layout

  • Electrical Distribution

  • Using the latest in technology from leading and up-and-coming manufacturers

Are you ready to take the next step with your studio? My goal is to achieve your aesthetic goals and get the most design for your money! In the fast paced world of television studios, it may be reducing costs and maintence, a green-initiative, and/or factoring in return on investment long term studio goals. In short, my goal is to make you look good!


No matter your budget, it is important to have an objective expert to guide you in the process, and that's where I come in. 

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