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Night Heron Speakeasy - Only in New York

I have mentioned this to people before and it struck me as one of those theatrical experiences that really, could only happen in New York (at least in the US). Well maybe not only, but is it likely anywhere else?

--A friend hands you a pocket watch with a phone number, date, and time but offers little to no explanation beyond that. After weaving through staircases and abandoned buildings you are led to a ladder that goes into an old water tower, inside is, well i'll let the NYTimes continue the story:

"a round wooden space no bigger than a freight elevator, filled with about a dozen people sipping whiskey cocktails. Couples sat at five petite tables built into the cedar paneling. A young woman mixed drinks behind a bar. Above people’s heads, a two-man band — accordion and upright bass — serenaded from a platform.

But amid the revelry, the staff communicated using headsets, checking that the operation remained unnoticed outside. In the event that the police did arrive, several exit routes were planned. This was life inside the Night Heron, a decidedly illegal nightclub run by a group of adventure-minded artists in a water tower atop a vacant building"


How cool to be in a place where such things exist.

Read the original article here:

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