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Oprah's Book club, Eat your heart out

So as always, I'm in the midst of a stack of books, I purchased a couple last week. More specifically, I purchased one book, and one audiobook. I find myself in general reading mostly non-fiction, but this time have a little of everything. Currently, depending on the medium, I am reading:

iPad - Steve Jobs, by Walter Isaccson -- So far so good, he's an interesting guy, and has revolutionized our lives. The biggest takeaways in general are that more is not better, better is better. That is the philosophy that has propelled his business ventures into the monoliths we have today. Apple Computer, the iPod, Pixar - all Steve Jobs.

Paperback - Unfamiliar Fishes, by Sarah Vowell -- An interesting and entertaining romp through the history of Hawaii. Sarah Vowell is another author I have found through my love of This American Life. Her fascination with the tenuous connection between american exceptionalism and our very real and sorted history with our native peoples, is a theme that we can look at in receent history though the annexation of Hawaii

Audiobook- Love, Dishonor, Marry, Die, Cherish, Perish: A Novel by David Rakoff -- Actually Fiction! I know, breaking the mold; this one is full of stories that are joined by tales of generousity or cruelty. The whole book is writen in rhymed couplet, which sounds trite at first, but Rakoff's wit and brilliant writing elevates it to something spectacular. This is also the last recording of his work in his own voice - while being overtaken by disease, his voice weak, there are moments in the recording you can tell it's him speaking from the heart-

I have a hard time just reading Rakoff, as I have fallen in love with his reading his stories. The same can be said for David Sedaris and many of my favorite authors whom I have been introduced to by listening to them. It's truly the difference between reading a play and watching a play (if that play is performed by its' author). Half of the story is in the interpretation. In this case, I believe I will be purchasing a hard copy and reading it as well. I'd recommend anyone do the same. Fantastic books all around

Unfamiliar Fishes, by Sarah Vowell -

Steve Jobs, by Walter Isaccson -

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