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Tucson, AZ - KOLD

Just got back from the heat of the Southwest. The station may have the “KOLD” name, but Tucson, AZ was HOT! and none of that silly “dry heat” business everyone was talks about. It’s monsoon season, so its humid enough to be uncomfortable. Thankfully most of my work kept me in the studio.

KOLD-TV, the CBS affiliate in Tucson, is getting ready to debut a new set from the wonderful folks at FX Design Group. As usual, the set looks great, things went really well, and everyone at the studio is excited about going HD!

We had some initial concerns about the 1/3 chip HD cameras being sensitive enough to give us the depth of field we desire, but we managed to get an excellent picture despite the technical limits of the technology. The station is adding a host of shots and angles to their bag of tricks. This will add a host of ways to deliver the story and keep their newscasts interesting.

Check out other shots of this station on my Portfolio by clicking here and check out FX Design Group’s website if you get a chance. Keep an eye out in the coming weeks for the debut of KOLD Tucson’s new set and lighting by FX Design Group!

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